Wondering on internet about to download Green KineMaster Pro Apk Full Featured (Latest Version), you have reached to the right place. Here we have provided with the other best video editing apps for mobile devices including this one.

Download Green KineMaster Pro Apk Full Featured
Download Green KineMaster Pro Apk Full Featured

Download Green KineMaster Pro Apk (Latest Version)- is one of the best video editors apps with more flexible and advance features. Green KineMaster is video editing app after KineMaster Pro with some of increase in the features and tools. Although there are some of the other video editing apps for mobile phones such as Viva Video Editor, Power Director and Action Director, but still this app has it's own features. The classic look with advance editing tools make this app to stand out from the others. Not only to edit the video, but this video allows you to make any video shoot in it. Addition to this, app allow you add the custom sounds, cropping and custom sound recording.

    To configure and install this app is super easy with easy clicks. Overall, with the advance features like Chroma Key for Screen videos, trimming and transitions make this app the strongest features video editing apps among all of the others.

    Information about the Green KineMaster Pro Apk:

    Here is the static information of the video editor, at a glance. You can check out for the latest information directly on Google Play Store.

    Downloads 51 Millions+
    Download Size35.2 MB
    Offered By Green Tech Editors
    First Release11 Septembers 2019
    Ratings4.5 Stars on Google Play
    AvailabilityAvailable on Google Play Store

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    Advance Features of the Green KineMaster Pro Apk:

    Here is the list of the most advanced video editing features of teh Green Kinemaster.

    User Interface:

    Simple and most attractive User Interface, makes its user dashboard. The most.

    Free to Use:

    This app is free to use along with the best editing features. You can download this app freely from here and use it as per your requirements
    Most advance video editing tools of trimming, cropping, audio editing, slices, multiple layers and others.

    Speed Control:

    This video editor allows you with the features to increase and decrease the playback speed of the edited video. It provides with the least speed of 0.25 to extra fast upto 16X.

    Intro and Outro:

    It allows you to add the intro section of video and out going sections of the video. These videos are the premade templates which can be edited to personal choice.

    Text Styling:

    Multiple text fonts and other styles make this rare from the other apps. There are many font's including the Google fonts. The font's from serif, san-sarif and cartoonish families can be added manually.

    Sound Editing:

    You can add sound from the featured sound gallery. Custom sound added by your own can also be processed as overlaying sound.


    Green Screen Kinemaster has multiple transitions affects gallery. The gallery contains the simple direction transitions, fading transitions and 3D transitons with advance box transitions.

    Video Shooting:

    This is the mobile apk, which not allow it's user to edit the shooted videos. But it has a build in camera features. This feature allows to record the video before editing and then displaying the best with the addition of the other effects.

    Reverse Video Editing:

    You can't reverse back the time, but can reverse the video in the opposite direction. It means that the first thing done comes to the last place and the last one moves to first one.

    Attractive Themes:

    Built in attractive themes gallery allows the user to add the best themes in the videos. Moreover, you can choose the theme of your own choice by downloading more themes.

    Video Sharing Options:

    This video editing app has the options to share the edited video. You can directly share the video on social media and online sites directly from the dashboard. The sharing sites include the Facebook, Instagram, and other sites.

    Time Lapse:

    You can control the time lapse options of the editing video easily with the controls in the video editor

    VFX Effects:

    Without going for any high-end software, you can easily add the small VFX effects directly with this in your video. The video will be more attractive and professional.

    High Quality Export With Multiple Options:

    Green Kinemaster Pro App allows you to export the edited video in multiple file types with different qualities from higher to lower. It means that you can easily export the video upto 4K depending on your device and lower upto 360 mp4 with 30FPS.

    Why Should You Choose Green KineMaster?

    The above are some detailed features of the app, If these features and tools make you worth, you should definitely go for the Green KineMaster. However, it depends on you, that how you can use the app for your videos editing.

    Video of KineMaster:


    In the end, we want to say, that we have provided you with the best video editing app. You can easily download it from here after reading the description and features of the app. The Green Kinemaster Pro Apk is here just waiting to download and use. However, if you have any question regarding the terms used in the article, comment below. We would love to answer your back.

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