Get bored of lazy video editing apps, try Efectum Apk. Here we have provided with the facility of Efectum Mod Apk Free Download Latest Version (Premium Unlocked). We have reviewed the app and discussed it's features in this long article. However, you can download a mod version of the app from here.

Efectum Pro Mod Apk Free Download Latest Version
Efectum Pro Mod Apk Premium & Unlocked

Efectum Pro Mod Apk (Unlocked)-
is video editor to create stunning video edits with slow motion, fast motion, and reverse playback. It is the app which allows you edit your existing videos or to capture one in the app. The app is designed for the speed effect of the video. The app allows the user to increase or decrease the video playback speed. 


    The most valuable app for video editing app is free of cost. It contains all of the pro tolls that are unlocked and free to use. 

    Basic Information's about Efectrum Mod Apk:

    Here is the basic information of the video editor, at a glance. The app is not available on app store. 
    Downloads 10 Millions+
    Download Size27 MB
    Offered By CraigPark Ltd.
    First ReleaseJanuary 18 June 2021
    Ratings4.1 Stars 
    AvailabilityAvailable on Play Store

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    Advance Features of Efectrum Mod Apk:

    As mentioned above, Efectum Pro Mod Apk contains the multiple features and tools. Here we are going to review each of factor in detail. If you are aware of the technical terms, don't worry, we have provided with the apps terms explanation.

    Without any further discussion, let's dive into the features. 

    Slow Motion:

    The amazing effect of Slow Mo can be given by reducing the speed of your videos. If you have some video is normal or in high play back speed, just slow down the speed, and you will get the Slow Mo effect in your video. The job can be done with the Slow Mo tool in the app.

    Fast Motion:

    The app is just not about the slow motion, but you can create the fast motion videos. If you have a normal video or video in slow play back speed. You can easily increase the speed, or turn that video into a fast motion video, by enhancing the speed of the video. 

    Social Share Button:

    The app contains the social sharing button to share edited video on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can get a link to share it in the other message apps like messenger, WhatsApp groups and Telegram groups. This features is just incredible. 

    Reverse Playback:

    Along with the increase or decrease in speed of the video, you can reverse play back the video. It creates an amazing video effects with the reverse playback. It's about playing video in the reverse direction. The first thing done, comes to last and the last one comes to the first one. 

    Trim and Cut:

    Efectrum Pro Mod apk provides with the facility to trim or cut your long videos. You can trim a short unwanted piece of your video. 

    User Interface:

    The cool and easy graphical interface is very friendly. Even, you are a newbie or new to video editing, you can easily edit your videos. 

    Music Background:

    The app is provided with many kind of music's, that are free to use and provides with the best practice of background music of video. In the same way, the custom music, the music of your own choice, can be added.

    Why Should You Go for this App?

    Still wondering, why should go with this app? Don't worry, here is the answer, that could satiate you.

    Efectum Pro Mod Apk is in modified version, it means that all of the premium video editing tools are available with in app. The more tools mean the more option in editing your project. 

    The app is free to use. There is no cost or charges to use this app. It means that you are provided with the app, but for free.

    Specially created for the Slow Mo and playback speed of the video. Want to edit your videos speed. Go for this app.



    Now, we are going to sum up the article, we have tried the best to review Efectum Pro Mod Apk, here in this article, if you find any term confusing, feel free to ask us in comment section.

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