Search about the best video editor, and willing to download KineMaster Lite Mod Apk video editor with No WaterMark, you are in the right place. Here we have provided the app along with the review. We have also discussed the amazing features and basic information about the about the app. Moreover, you can find other premium apps and editors on our site.

KineMaster Lite Mod Apk video editor
KineMaster Lite Mod Apk video editor

Efectum Pro Mod Apk (Unlocked)-
is video editor and modiefied version of KineMaster Pro. There is a list of other modified version's of KineMaster Video Editor.
Here is the list of the versions of mod apps in KineMaster.
  • Green KineMaster
  • KineMaster Prime
  • Diamond KineMaster
  • Golden KineMaster
  • KineMaster Pro
It means that the interface and some of the features, are same. But each of the version is enhance with some advance tools. These tools work for the special effects and edits in the videos.

    The app is totally free to use, as the developer provided it under the general public license.

    Basic Information's about KineMaster Lite Mod Apk:

    Here is the basic information of the video editor, at a glance. The app is not available on app store. 
    Downloads 55 Millions+
    Download Size66MB
    Offered By Stain Peter. Inc.
    First Release 12 jan 2021
    Ratings4.1 Stars 
    AvailabilityNot Available

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    Advance Features of KineMaster Lite Mod Apk:

    As mentioned above, it is the modified version, it has all the basic features, like trim, cut, join, audio detach and others. You can easily edit any kind of video with this app. It means that it is going has it's own worth. The app is not just a editor but provides with the knowledge of editing. You can learn many of the terms used in advance editing of videos. 
    Now without any further talk, let's get into the features.

    Multiple layers.

    The app is providing with multiple layers. Each layer can contain one or more pieces of content. Moreover, there is option to drive the media like audio and videos enabled in this video editor. You can place and edit each frame of the project separately in the app.

    Speed Control:

    You are provided with the full playback speed control of your video. If you are thinking to make a slow motion video. Go with it. However, if you are thinking about the fast motion video. You can increase the playback speed of the video. 

    Social Share Button:

    The app contains the social sharing button to share edited video on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can get a link to share it in the other message apps like messenger, WhatsApp groups and Telegram groups. This features is just incredible. 

    Chroma Key:

    The amazing tool, chroma key is available in KineMaster Lite Mod apk. Now, it has become more easy to make videos, with great effects. It has also become very easy to make the videos with custom background. Even, a normal recorded video, can have a look of a studio.

    Trim and Cut:

    Trim and cut are the basic features. Without these basic feature's, no app is complete. Trim the long videos or cut the large videos into pieces. On the contrary, the join tool work for joining the small pieces of the videos into a long video.

    User Interface:

    Despite of the original look  of the user interface, as used by Kinemaster originals. This app contains the modifications even in the interface. The app logo is even change with the lite blue color. Overall, the app have a cool look. 

    Music Background:

    Want to use some music on background of your videos, this app made it easy. The procedure is too easy and simple. Simply, place the sound track in the layer below the original video. Faint the sound, by reducing the sound level. That's all, you are done.

    Why Should You Go for this App?

    Still wondering, why should go with this app? Don't worry, here is the answer, that could satiate you.

    KineMaster Lit Mod Apk Video Editor is in modified version, it means that all of the premium video editing tools are available with in app. The more tools mean the more option in editing your project. 

    The app is free to use. There is no cost or charges to use this app. It means that you are provided with the app, but for free.

    Specially designed for the layer's. So, that you can easily, place the piece of your project into different layers with easy editing. 



    Now, it is time to sum up our article by saying that we have tried our best to explain the app and it's features. Moreover, from this article, it has become easy to download Kinemaster lite mod apk video editor with no watermark.

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